About Us

     Chromatic House seeks to provide an environment for students in pursuit of The Arts. Here, students could find space to develop and demonstrate their talents in visual art, music performance and production, theater and improvisation, dance, and the proliferation of digital audio through radio. Living with other artistically-inclined people would cultivate an enriching and synergetic atmosphere for personal artistic growth.

In addition, the House hopes to foster an environment in which creativity can flourish not only for its members, but also for the entirety of the Middlebury College Campus.

     The House aims to provide an inclusive environment for all artistic avenues with equal opportunity to all media regardless of House residency. Through open events, members and non-members alike can experience dynamic creativity at Middlebury College, with the hopes of fostering a more expansive art community on campus.

     Chromatic shows the student body that one does not have to identify as artistic to appreciate and benefit from an artist’s talents. This phenomenon is a manifestation of the liberal arts experience and could be applied to other seemingly narrow fields of interest.

Recruitment Events


Flatbread & Games 8-9pm



Pumpkin Painting & Cider Donuts 8-9pm



Cookie Decorating & Open Jam Room 8-9pm

Events will take place in the living room at Prescott House, 188 Ridgeline Road.